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The BELLA Consortium

Purpose of the BELLA Consortium:

In order to coordinate and manage the complementary and interdependent objectives of the BELLA programme for transatlantic spectrum and the build-out of a 100Gbps-capable backbone in Latin America, the BELLA Consortium has been established. The BELLA Consortium specifically focuses on:

  • Coordination among partners and projects to ensure overall success of BELLA procurement and implementation work.
  • Coordination of operational activities during the operational lifetime of BELLA connectivity.


The participants of the BELLA Consortium are:

The work of the consortium is led by a Steering Committee co-chaired by RedCLARA and GARR.


BELLA receives funding from the European Union through the Horizon 2020 program under grant agreement number 731505 - DG CNECT (BELLA-S1); DG INTPA, under number LA / 2016 / 376-534 (BELLA-T), and DG DEFIS.


For more information about BELLA please contact:


Latin America:

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